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Erectile dysfunction: Can ED vitamins Dubai and supplements help?

Erectile dysfunction: Can ED vitamins Dubai and supplements help?

It is important to note that ED (Erectile Dysfunction) is a symptom rather than a condition. Diabetes, sleep disorders, stress, heart disease, smoking, and alcohol are some of the many causes of ED.

ED can occur for many reasons, such as aging, stress & anxiety. Despite this, research shows that a healthy lifestyle and a proper erectile dysfunction treatment can reduce the risk of ED. Keeping a healthy weight through physical activity has been linked to lower rates of ED.


Many supplements stimulate the flow of blood to the penis in various ways. The most prominent are ginseng and vitamin E, L-arginine, pychologenol, yohimbe, Tribulus terrestris, and Eurycoma longifolia.

Amitamin® Fertilsan M is a complementary health supplement for the treatment of male infertility through dietary treatment. With its highly concentrated and balanced blend of vitamins and nutrients, Fertilsan M is considered one of the best vitamins for enhancing sexual performance and fertility.

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