Youthful healthy Skin with Collagen Vitamins

Youthful healthy Skin with Collagen Vitamins

Most of us thoroughly dislike the aging process, especially when it shows on our skin! It usually becomes most prominent with crow’s feet appearing in the corners of the eyes and the smile lines being more visible as you reach the age 40. However, it has been discussed by experts that the initial stages of aging starts around the age of 30 and that we should all take steps to start prolonging these visible signs of aging appearing on the skin  as prevention is always better than cure, to get a healthy skin.

There are several cosmetic treatments that you could do if you’re looking to see instant results for healthy skin. However, most of these procedures will only give you temporary results and results that will affect you eternally. If you’re looking to see a gradual improvement, you need to ensure that you treat your skin from within. By maintaining a balanced diet with all the necessary nutrients that assist in collagen production is the best way for you to delay your skin from losing its elasticity and tautness.

Is there a way to get rid of wrinkles, age spots and scarring or at least slightly delay the process?


Collagen has been long known for the amazing effect it has on skin. It gives skin that extra boost of youthfulness in a very short period of time. However, with our aging process the amount of collagen that is absorbed in the digestion process and into our blood stream tends to decrease over the years.

Fear not! You now have the chance to consume our vegan, animal cruelty free collagen powder drink to give you a wholesome supply of all the nutrients you need in order to preserve a flawless complexion. Our supplement Amitamin Collagen System is filled with collagen hydrolysate, hyaluronic acid, calcium, selenium and vitamins to promote a speedy development in the appearance of your skin while slowing down the aging process of your skin substantially.

Collagen also has plenty of other benefits for your body such as providing you with healthy bones and muscle development. It strengthens hair, teeth and nails too. This supplement also contains essential vitamins such as Vitamin C which helps fight diseases and promotes healthy teeth and bones, vitamin D3 and K2 which promotes healthy hair growth. It also contains biotin and selenium which contributes to thick strong hair growth too.

If you’re someone who largely dislikes consuming tablets, this is a great option for you as it is in the form of a drink. You can add the recommended dosage to your morning cup of tea or smoothie and you won’t even feel the taste of the supplement in your beverage if you feel like you want to avoid tasting it.


Our products are 100% genuine and have been authorized and recommended by several experts. We accept cash on delivery and provide speedy delivery services to all parts of Dubai, which will help you, stock up easily in case you run out. We also give you the opportunity to freely exchange in case you have picked out the wrong vitamin for consumption, or you feel unsatisfied with the products.

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