The importance of maintaining fitness and health as we age

The importance of maintaining fitness and health as we age

The importance of maintaining fitness and health is becoming more and more important as we age, especially since aging factors can be dangerous and life-threatening.

But nutritional supplements can boost health in a variety of ways. Speaking to Express, David Weiner, Training Specialist at Freeletic , an AI-powered fitness app, identified 4 essential nutritional supplements men should take as they get older.


Weiner said, “Magnesium is an important mineral to include in your diet, as it is required for a number of biochemical processes in your body, such as energy production, blood pressure and bone development.”

He explained that magnesium is also used to transport calcium and potassium between cell membranes, which is an integral part of the healthy functioning of nerve and heart muscles.

A review of 22 studies found that supplementing, with an average of 410 mg of magnesium per day, was associated with a 3 to 4 mm Hg decrease in systolic blood pressure and a 2 to 3 mm Hg decrease in diastolic blood pressure.

Both systolic and diastolic blood pressure are used to record blood pressure.
According to Blood Pressure UK, the decrease in systolic pressure is particularly important because it indicates the risk of a heart attack.


Weiner explained, “The omega-3 fatty acid found in fish oil is known to be beneficial for heart and brain health. However, omega-3 also supports the eyes, joints, bones and skin, in addition to helping you sleep better and have mood-enhancing effects.”

Research says that among its many benefits is its proven ability to improve conditions associated with metabolic syndrome.

It also reveals that omega-3 fatty acids can improve insulin resistance, inflammation, and heart disease risk factors in people with metabolic syndrome.

Saw Palmetto

It’s a natural source of fatty acids and has a number of benefits for men, such as hair loss, according to Weiner.

In one study, researchers gave 10 males with a precursor to pattern baldness, a supplement that contained both Saw Palmetto and beta-sitosterol. They noticed a clear improvement in 6 out of 10 males.

Vitamin D

Weiner explained that vitamin D is essential for effective calcium absorption. “It also supports the body’s immune system and regulates cell growth,” he said.

Scientific evidence shows the role that vitamin D plays in strengthening the immune system.

A number of studies have found that taking vitamin D supplements in a medically prescribed dose daily may reduce the risk of developing respiratory infections.

In one study of people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, those with severe vitamin D deficiency achieved significant benefit after taking high-dose supplements for one year.

Weiner also adds that complete nutrition is important at any age, and this includes eating a diet focused on healthy foods, exercising, and taking any supplement to fill nutritional gaps.

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