Simple Tips To Boost Your Immune System Naturally

Simple Tips To Boost Your Immune System Naturally

As viruses continue to affect people everywhere, you have to wonder if there is a remedy other than to giving yourself the flu shot. There are numerous infectious microorganisms in our surroundings, and if your immune system is not healthy and strong it will be hard to defend your body from illnesses. Here are some tips to optimize the function of your system and to boost our immune system.


Manage stress and get proper sleep. Sleep deprivation can cause harm to your immune system. So does stress as it increases hormone cortisol and suppresses immune functions. Getting proper sleep at night, a minimum of 8 hours will improve and boost our immune system.


Consume fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds regularly. Your immune system needs sufficient nutrients to function effectively and the increasing the intake of fruits and vegetables will improve the antibody response against illnesses, stress and undue physical exertion.  


Avoid over-the-counter medications. Just a week of antibiotics takes between three and six months to be completely eliminated from your microbiome. Avoid drugs if you are not certain what type of illness or infection it is treating. It is not good to take drugs that lower stomach acids as you need the acid to kill viruses and bacteria that you ingest accidentally every day. 


Moderate physical activity is important as it will improve the antibody response to viruses and bacterial infections. However, do not over-train, as strenuous exercise without adequate rest in-between can result in injury and increased the susceptibility of various illnesses. 


Practice consistent, healthy habits and it will do wonders for your immunity. If you like to smoke, it may be a good idea to quit. It can reduce the susceptibility to respiratory illnesses and boost your immune system in the process. If you enjoy an occasional glass of wine, avoid making it a habit. Excessive drinking can weaken your immune system and will increase the risk of contracting diseases such as pneumonia.


Your body needs vitamins and not all foods contain this vitamin. The immune system functions efficiently when there is an adequate intake of vitamins and nutrients. As you age you will require more vitamins, as well. Amino tablets contain important vitamins and micronutrients which will support immune functions.

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