How can you prevent? How do I protect myself from Covid-19?

How can you prevent? How do I protect myself from Covid-19?

Globally, the World Health Organization (WHO) has classified the risk as high with more cases reported spreading around the world. Here are some precautions measures that are recommended to reduce your own risk of contracting COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Wash hands frequently and thoroughly or (if there is no sink nearby) disinfect them. In general, only hand disinfectants have a virucidal effect!
  • Avoid crowds
  • When sneezing or coughing, hold a tissue or the elbow in front of your face
  • A special mouth guard protects other people from infection. You should wear it if you have a cough or runny nose. However, you cannot reliably protect yourself from infection with a mouth guard (however, the risk of a droplet infection can be reduced)
  • Avoid contact with sick people
  • The general rule is pay attention to your lifestyle to strengthen your immune system. Exercise in nature, a balanced diet, stress reduction and adequate sleep support your immune system

Strengthen your immune system

Our immune system protects us from viruses and bacteria all year round. However, dry heating air and temperature fluctuations make us more susceptible to colds in the cold season. If you want to support the body’s defense, you should strengthen your immune system in good time.

Immune system – strengthen in time

Our body has many protective barriers to ward off pathogens. Even entering the body is made difficult, for example, by sneezing, coughing, saliva, an acidic skin environment or stomach acid. Only when this protective barrier of the body is overcome is our immune system challenged.

Viruses and bacteria are active throughout the year. We developed immun360 + Cranberry to support your immune functions all year round but especially in the cold season, there is a lot of work for the immune system. Because of the colder temperatures, the blood flow to the nose and throat is deteriorated and therefore more susceptible. If it is uncomfortable outside, more people are close in closed rooms and are more easily infected.

If our body is now weakened or insufficiently supplied with nutrients, the pathogens have it even easier. In fact, people with poor immune systems have three or more infections a year and take longer to recover. So we should think early on about strengthening our immune system. Adequate intake of immun360 + Cranberry that contains vitamins and minerals specifically to support your immune system to function efficiently

Nutrition for the immune system

A healthy and balanced diet influences our overall well-being and the performance of our body. In fact, immun360 + Cranberry contains all-important vitamins for our immune system also benefits from a good nutrient supply, because then our body has many opportunities to successfully defend itself against pathogens.

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