Fertility Improvement With Vitamins And An Ideal Diet

Fertility Improvement With Vitamins And An Ideal Diet

In this era, people have started to have a broader mindset. People have begun to talk openly on sensitive topics which were perhaps taboo a few years ago, such as it is with infertility cases. Even though it is a sensitive topic, both men and women are not shying away, instead, they have started to consult specialists who ensure to prescribe the right medication to increase their fertility. This is not something that women can have control over. At times, they tend to lack certain micronutrients which play a vital role in making them fertile. This is exactly where vitamins and external nutrient supply comes in hand.

Studies conducted in 2018 concluded that 60% of women conceive faster and at a higher rate when they take vitamins and folic acid. Therefore, Vtamino has introduced various vitamins products in Dubai to increase fertility rates.  We have amitamin Overifert which is the perfect blend of inositol, alpha lipoic acid, and vitamins which increases the micronutrient count that benefits fertility levels. Fertility problems are generally caused due to an imbalance in the hormones or the organs produce fewer hormones which change the functionalities in women.


On the other hand, men have a problem associated with the production of sperms, medically known as spermatogenesis. Men need to take some medication if they have a low sperm count, low motility, density and poor morphology. In such cases, amitamin fertilsan M would be the ideal option as this vitamin is the right combination in antioxidants, vitamins and micronutrients which will increase in the process of spermatogenesis.

Alongside these vitamins, following a regulated diet will increase the chances of conceiving with your partner. Specialists recommend women to consume complex carbs like fruits, vegetables, pulses, and fibres as this takes a long time to digest and has a better result on blood sugar and insulin. On the other hand, when processed carbs like white bread, rice and cake are consumed, it will easily turn into blood sugar which inhibits the process of ovulation.

Another tip would be to stay away from all trans fats which are primarily found in packed food, snacks, and animal products. These food products help in increasing insulin resistance, i.e., it prevents insulin from moving the bloodstream to the cells. This results in high amounts of insulin in the body which slows the metabolism process, affecting the formation of reproductive eggs.

Lastly, it is extremely important to consume protein rich food products and drink at least two glasses of milk. Just like how you observe a balanced diet, it is necessary to have a balanced meal and take external vitamins prescribed by Vtamino experts.

We have a well-experienced team of doctors which will analyse your problem and provide the right solution and medication that can help you conceive quickly and safely. Get some amitamin and amino tablets from Vtamino. Visit our official website to know more about our services, products or even if you are planning to book an appointment with our expert doctors.

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