Boost Your Immune System & Protect Yourself From Viruses

Boost Your Immune System & Protect Yourself From Viruses


Our immune system defends us from viruses and bacteria all year long. However, dry heating air and temperature fluctuations make us more vulnerable to colds in the cold season. If you want to help the protection of your body, you should improve the immune system in a good time.


Our body has a lot of protective barriers to fend off pathogens. Even entering the body is made difficult, for example, by sneezing, coughing, saliva, and acidic skin environment, or stomach acid Only when this protective barrier of the body is surpassed our immune system is challenged. Vtamino Mega Probiotic – 40 Billion will help to overcome this challenge and improve the defensive system of the body that helps replenish healthy bacteria in order to enable a balanced digestive system and maintain high immunity.

Viruses and bacteria are active all year round, but there is a lot of work for the immune system, especially in the cold season. Because of the colder temperatures, the blood flow to the nose and throat is deteriorated and therefore more susceptible to infections. If it is uncomfortable outside, more people prefer to stay together in closed rooms and are more easily infected.

If our body is weakened or insufficiently supplied with nutrients, the microorganisms can easily deteriorate our health condition. In fact, people with weak immune systems have three or more infections a year and take longer to recover. So we should think early on about strengthening our immune system to stay fit and healthy throughout.


A healthy and balanced diet influences our overall well-being and the performance of our bodies.
Vtamino Mega Omega 3 blends well-known nutritional oils (fish oil- 1200mg, Omega 3- 720 mg) to build a healthy proportion of Omega-3. Omega-3 plays a significant role in preserving healthy skin and supports the immune system. Likewise, Vtamino Colon Sweep helps maintain a healthy immunity, which eliminates toxins from our body and promotes healthier skin & anti-aging.


Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is perhaps the most well-recognized nutrient when it comes to improving the immune system. Even during and after intensive physical activity, vitamin C contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system. Vtamino Vitamin C 1000mg with rose hips keeps bones, teeth, and gums healthy and it enhances the role of the immune system.


Vitamin D is recommended to many people for the maintenance of good bone health. The latest research has shown that vitamin D plays a major role in facilitating the proper functioning of the immune system. The body’s defenses can only be mobilized if this vitamin is available in sufficient quantities.

Vitamin D is actually not a vitamin at all, but the precursor of a hormone that the human body can form itself through the regular exposure to sunlight on the skin.


The chemical element zinc is significant because it controls the function of 200 enzymes and is involved in many metabolic processes. For example, our body’s good defense mechanism depends on the zinc balance. It also serves to defend our body cells from oxidative stress.

It is recommended to ingest at least 10 mg zinc with food per day. In the case of additional physical strain, pregnancy, or stress, more dosage might be required. If you like oysters, you are doing something good because it is the most zinc-rich food. However, sea fish, seafood, milk products, or beef also contain zinc.

Vtamino Essential Immune Support comes with Ten Immune-Boosting Ingredients including zinc; Each of these 10 ingredients will tend to strengthen the immune system on their own, which is why we have all incorporated them into one. This is the biggest immune booster replacement with some of the most common ingredients.

Like zinc, selenium also helps protect cell components from oxidative stress and enhances the normal functioning of the immune system.

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