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Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction

The erectile dysfunction (ED) became earlier”impotence“, “erectile dysfunction” or “erectile dysfunction” called. A erectile dysfunction is defined as the man’s inability to get or maintain an erection sufficient for sexual satisfaction. Literally translated, “impotence” means “powerlessness”, which means the inability of a man to function sexually or even as a man in general.

Erectile dysfunction is common

According to the largest erectile dysfunction study in recent years, the “Massachusetts Male Aging Study“, a wide spread of erectile dysfunction was noted:

  • 9.6% of men between the ages of 40 and 70 suffer from severe erectile dysfunction,
  • over a quarter of all men (25.2%) suffer from moderate erectile dysfunction, and more
  • 17.2% of the men examined suffer from mild erectile dysfunction.

Cologne study on erectile dysfunction

In the German area was in the year 2000 byBraun et al. the so-called “Cologne study”. 8,000 men between the ages of 30 and 80 were interviewed. Around a third of all men stated that they were dissatisfied with their sex life. The results of the Cologne study are relatively consistent across age groups:

  • Aged 30-39: 34.8% dissatisfaction with their sex life
  • Aged 40-49: 32.2% dissatisfaction with their sex life
  • Aged 50-59: 31.5% dissatisfaction with their sex life
  • Aged 60-69: 41.0% dissatisfaction with their sex life
  • Aged 71-80: 44.0% dissatisfaction with their sex life.

During the survey, erectile dysfunction was found in an average of 19.2% across all age groups. Younger men suffer significantly less often from erectile dysfunction, older men significantly more often.

Vienna study on erectile dysfunction

A similar number of men were examined by urologists from the University of Vienna between 2001 and 2004. One of these four degrees of erectile dysfunction (ED) was found in 32.3 percent of the examined and surveyed men between the ages of 20 and 80.

Extrapolated to the total Austrian population, this means that about one million men suffer from some degree of pathological erectile dysfunction, three quarters of them (about 736,000) only from a mild form, but at least more than 260,000 from a more severe form of ED.For Germany, this means that approximately 10 million men are estimated to suffer from erectile dysfunction of varying degrees.

The main conclusion of our study is not that there are one million impotent people in Austria“, explains urologist Madersbacher, “but that the topic is still taboo, that there is help, that you can do something about it and that you should go to the doctor.

Other international epidemiological studies on erectile dysfunction have repeatedly confirmed the Cologne study and the Vienna study with similar results.

Erectile dysfunction test

Whether a man has erectile dysfunction is usually determined using one of Rosen et al. (1997) questionnaire developed (IIEF,Internationale Index of Erectile Function).

This questionnaire is in use in a more detailed and a short form. The shorter form, the so-called IIEF-5 questionnaire, is usually used. In this questionnaire the man is asked:

1. How confident are you of getting and maintaining an erection?
2. During intercourse, how difficult was it to maintain an erection until the end of intercourse?
3. When you have had erections when sexually stimulated, how often were your erections hard enough to penetrate your partner?
4. When you have attempted intercourse, how often has it been satisfactory for you?
5. During intercourse, how often have you been able to maintain an erection after penetrating your partner?

The possible answers range from “not at all” until “very” (Question 1) or from “difficult” until “not difficult at all” or from “NO” until “very often“. One to six points are distributed and added for the answers. The sum of the points results in the classification into different degrees of severity of erectile dysfunction.

This IIEF-5 test can also be done online on various urologist and andrologist websites, but of course this test does not replace an examination by a urologist or andrologist.

Erectile dysfunction and partnership

Normal sexual function is important for many men for their self-confidence and self-esteem and thus their quality of life.

It is just as important for a woman to be physically desired by her partner and not just purely platonic. Not surprising: According to various studies, normal sexual function is a very important factor for a balanced partnership.

Various studies and surveys suggest that up to 50% of all relationships (also) fail because of an unsatisfactory sex life.

Therefore, speak openly with your partner about your sexuality and sexual desires. Work together to improve your sex life without pressure to perform.

Causes of erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is much more common

  • diabetics,
  • men with high cholesterol
  • patients with high blood pressure,
  • coronary artery disease and
  • heavy nicotine consumption.

Up until the 1950s, it was believed that erectile dysfunction psychological in more than 90% of cases. Today, thanks to modern examination methods, we know that in the majority (60-80%) of all men with erectile dysfunction, organic factors are responsible for the problems with potency.

In particular, circulatory disorders of the fine capillaries in the erectile tissue are the most common cause of erectile dysfunction, against the background of an often generalized vascular disease (e.g. atherosclerosis).

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For diagnosis andTreatment of erectile dysfunction you should speak to your doctor, a urologist or an andrologist. Only the doctor treating you can assess your individual situation, examine you personally and initiate the correct treatment based on the identified cause.

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Further treatment of erectile dysfunction

Check your lifestyle if you suffer from erectile dysfunction. Stress at work and in the family can be a determining factor. Provide mental balance and relaxation, escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life regularly!

Eating healthy and exercising promotes general health, especially your cardiovascular system. Move as often as possible, leave the car in favor of the bike or the elevator in favor of the stairs. Exercise as regularly as possible and start slowly so as not to lose motivation.

Avoid foods that contain saturated fats (fried or fried), as well as simple sugars and carbohydrates. Eat consciously and raw foods, salads and fresh vegetables to boost your overall health. This too can help your blood vessels and therefore your love life!

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