Surprising Reasons To Take External Nutritional Supplements

Nutritional supplements

Surprising Reasons To Take External Nutritional Supplements

In this modern age, many nutrition specialists suggest the public stick to several nutritional benefits in order to strengthen your bones, muscles, overall body functioning, and to restore your beauty. In fact, it has been claimed that this could help in improving the quality of health and lifestyle. In this fast-paced life, we often turn a blind eye towards health and take it for granted.

However, the question we need to ask ourselves is – Is this worth it? It is going to be beneficial in the long run? We all know the answers, but we still continue leading an unhealthy lifestyle and depend on fast-food outlets as our daily resources. It is time we take a moment and contemplate our decisions and evaluate the pros and cons associated with our life choices.

Nutritional supplements can certainly make a dramatic impact on our health and quality of life when done correctly. Well, you might be wondering – “I am doing everything right? Why do I need to add these supplements to my daily food intake?” If so, read through this article to find the out the top three reasons for consuming effective nutrient supplements.

Modern fertilisers do not supply enough trace elements

Gone were the days when manure was used extensively for fertilisers. Today, fertilisers are the primary substitute for manure which has high amounts of superphosphate elements. Additionally, they have high contents for nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorous and are deficient in many other nutrients.

So, you might think that you are consuming high-quality fruits and vegetables, however, the actual reality turns out to be quite dark. You are not only consuming artificially injected chemical rich food products but are also relying on only a fixed set of products which is bound to harm your body in the longer run.

Moreover, the addition of pesticides and herbicides in the soil tend to lower the nutrition content in the soil, damaging the food products. Also, your body requires extra nutrients to process the pesticide residues that remain in the food products. The best way to do so is by relying on external supplements.

Long-distance transportation

It is impossible for every region to produce all food products. Hence, you will need to buy products that are imported worldwide. However, we miss out the fact that long-distance transportation can diminish the nutrients level in the food. In fact, it can take weeks for your food products to be transported to your locality which is then picked, packed, stored and finally eaten.

Addition of food-processing

In order for the food products to sustain, it has become necessary for people to add preservatives and food processing. These damages and reduces the nutrient content by 70-80%. For instance, one of the common food sources, rice has almost 75% of zinc and chromium which affects the nutrient level drastically.

So, what are you waiting for? Opt for rich and effective nutritional supplements in Dubai.


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